Professional Development
for Relational Practitioners


A relational practitioner brings a unique sense of their embodied awareness to the work they do with their clients.  Our program is designed to  support the development of self as instrument through our training.


In 2022 we will pilot a new Relational Coaching ProgramIt will

focuses practitioner's ability to attune to their own embodied experience as it emerges with another and within larger systems. With access to this information, they can work with wisdom, responsiveness, ethics and presence. 


Our Coaching program builds the practitioner understanding of their strengths, preferences, manage the coaching process and the dynamics in group culture. 

Our program is designed in four interconnected modules:


Module 1: Personal awareness and discovering the 'person of the coach'

Module 2: Introduction to gestalt and relational thinking as frameworks to understand working in organisations or within systems

Module 3: Gestalt coaching processes and skills

Module 4: Working with both client and system presentations 

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