Reflective practice groups

Gestalt Centre
March 14, 2024 5:00 PM
Reflective practice groups to build skills in the workplace: enhance awareness, judgement and decision-making for complex issues.

Enhancing awareness and reflective skills in the workplace with relational gestalt theory and practice - 2024 intake now open

These groups as intended for leaders, people and culture (HR) professionals, coaches, and organisational development consultants looking for ways to gain insights and learn by reflecting on their experience at work.


In today's fast-paced work environment, we are constantly facing new challenges and change. With crowded schedules filled with meetings and overflowing email inboxes, it can be difficult to find the time and space to reflect on our experiences and align our actions with our purpose. To address this issue, joining a reflective practice group can provide an opportunity to pause and examine what is happening in the moment.

Reflective practice groups allow individuals to bring their professional experiences and challenges to a supportive and safe environment where they can gain insights and challenge their thinking. By exploring their thoughts, feelings, and actions, individuals can develop greater self-awareness and gain a deeper understanding of their professional challenges.

Using a Relational Gestalt lens and Relational Change (UK) SOS Framework, these groups aim to enhance personal self-awareness, reflective capacity, professional judgment, and ethical decision-making. They also provide essential support and help build awareness and communication skills for more authentic and confident problem-solving. Find out more about reflective practice groups here.

How it works

Our reflective practice groups are facilitated by experienced organisational and clinical psychotherapists. Each group will have a maximum of 8 participants and will meet once a month for 2 hours, from March to December 2024 (a total of 10 sessions).

There are two options available for joining a reflective practice group: online or in person. The in-person group will take place at Lygon Therapy located at 622 Lygon Street in North Carlton.

If you are interested in participating, you will need to complete a short questionnaire to assess your suitabilty. After you register and book you will be contacted by one of our facilitators to discuss the program. Invoicing will occur after the intial discussion

Form to register your interest


Where | Gestalt Centre, 622 Lygon Street, Carlton North / or online

Date | Commencing March through to December 2024. 10 sessions in total (20 hours).

Fee | Full Price $900. Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA) student $700. Includes GST.

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