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Applying to Study at GTA


The GTA course runs for 4 years and is comprised of:


Advanced Certificate of Relational Gestalt Counselling

(1st & 2nd year)


Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy
(3rd & 4th year)


ConnectGround Clinic Student Internship 

(3rd & 4th Year)

What is gestalt therapy?

In order to get an overview of Relational Gestalt Therapy we recommend reading “The Relational Attitude in Gestalt Therapy Theory and Practice” by Gary Yontef


What are the contact hours for the course?

The course and term breaks follow the Victorian School Year and involves a commitment to attending:

  • 24 weekly evening sessions running from 5.30-8.45pm

  • 12 full days (3 non- residential weekends and 2 residential weekends of which the cost is included in the fees)


What can I expect a year in the course to look like?

See the 2017 timetable and you can expect the course dates for 2018 to follow a similar pattern.


What are the course fees and how can I pay?

  •  Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $180

  • Applicants who are offered a place in the course are required to pay a $1,500 deposit to   secure their place in the course

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year fees are $8,100 including GST per year4th Year fees are $8,100 plus a $250 practicum fee,including GST, per year

  • ConnectGround Internship (3rd & 4th Year) fees are $550 per term/ $2200 per year including GST.

  • Students have the choice of paying their fees in full or in 3 or 9 instalments

  • GTA offers full fee paying courses only (no fee help available) but some students choose   to claim their fees as a tax deduction if the training is relevant to their employment.


What are the pre-requisites for being accepted into the course?

To be considered for a place in the course you need to have:  

  • An undergraduate degree in a relevant field such as psychology, social work, nursing, psychiatric nursing, occupational therapy, medicine, teaching, welfare, ministry or pastoral care

  • Two years of work experience in their field with professional supervision or mentoring (i.e. work experience after completion of a relevant undergraduate degree)


What if I do not have an undergraduate degree but would still like to apply?

Applicants who do not have an undergraduate degree may apply for exceptional consideration provision and would need to demonstrate evidence of relevant life or work experience, a history of personal therapy and an identifiable capacity to become a counsellor 


How do I apply?

The process of applying involves the following steps:

  1. Attendance at a Taste of Gestalt Therapy & Information Evening

  2. Submission of a written application an supporting documents addressing the selection criteria

  3. Participation in a group interview

  4. Attendance at an individual interview with a member of faculty followed by a referee check


What sort of professional recognition can I expect if I complete the course?

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) accredit the course offered at Gestalt Therapy Australia. Graduates of the course will be eligible to apply for PACFA membership.


What does the therapy requirement involve?

A course requirement is that all students are to complete 50 hours of individual therapy by the end of the 2nd year. Therapy undertaken in the year prior to commencement of the course may be taken into consideration. The cost of therapy is not included in the course fees.


How do I meet the Client Contact Hours requirement?

In order to complete the program students are required to log 100 hours of client contact over the 3rd and 4th year of the program and 25 hours of supervision. Students who do not have the opportunity to see clients in their workplace, or are not in a position to take up a counselling role, may apply to undertake an internship in ConnectGround Clinic at Gestalt Therapy Australia.  See our website for further details.

If you have any further questions please feel welcome to contact Katrina (Office Manager) at GTA on 94896300 or

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