Foundation Studies in




The Foundation Studies in Relational Gestalt Counselling is a two year course that offers students the opportunity to explore relational gestalt counselling practice through the exploration of theory and practice 
The core training component of the course is taught over 4 terms (one night per week plus 5 weekends) and is divided into 4 key modules that are interwoven within the curriculum.  The final two Specialist Modules are delivered in a block teaching structure. The modules are:

Module 1/
Gestalt Personal Abilities 1 / 2


This module focuses on the personal development of the counsellor. The module includes identifying and developing essential capacities for relating as well as inquiring into the contextual influences that support and constrain effective relating. The module is based on relational principles, illustrates Gestalt ideas and demonstrates Gestalt methods thus providing students with a “lived-experience” of the relational Gestalt approach. Core learning opportunities will be provided through exploration of the students experience on a personal, relationship and group level. 

Module 2/
Relational Gestalt Theory 1 / 2


This module focuses on the foundation principles of relational Gestalt theory. The module creates opportunities for students to discover the essence of relational philosophy and translate these into related practice principles. The module is based on key gestalt theory and related concepts emerging from relational principles. Emphasis is given to theory that informs both the core ideas and the methods of the relational Gestalt approach to counselling.

Module 3/
Relational Gestalt Methods 1 / 2


This module provides the methodological framework of relational Gestalt therapy. The module develops the application of gestalt relational principles to the practice of counselling and integrates gestalt core theoretical concepts such as field theory, phenomenology and dialogue with evidence-based approaches to practice and mental health practitioner principles

Module 4/
Skill Development Practice 1 / 2


This module focuses on practicing relational Gestalt ideas and methods. The module provides opportunities for micro-skill development in small practice groups. Specific micro-skills related to the basic counselling practice, relational practice principles and Gestalt methodology are practiced with peer and faculty feedback. The feedback process in the practice groups provides an opportunity for students to integrate their theoretical and methodological knowledge with their practice.


Module 5/
Specialist Gestalt Practice 1 / 2


This module focuses on specialist Gestalt practice of ‘The Experiment’ and ‘Exploring Embodied Capacities’. Being offered over alternate years to a combined first and second year, this module will orientate students to the specific and specialists application of these two key Gestalt concepts and their importance and relevance.


Module 6/
Specialist Gestalt Application 1 / 2 

This module focuses on specialist Gestalt application and is offered each year for all students in the Foundation Studies and Advanced Clinical Training (i.e. year 1 - 4). The module is facilitated by a member of the International GTA Faculty or a guest trainer with expertise in a specialist area of counselling and psychotherapy practice (e.g. an application of relational Gestalt, a theoretical perspective or an area of personal development).