What is Relational Gestalt Therapy?

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We offer a unique opportunity to become a gestalt therapist

Our 4-year training program focuses on developing personal awareness and therapeutic skills to work with clients in profound and healing ways.

It takes time to become a therapist. Students are immersed in an experiential learning process that is holistic, integrated and developmental.

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Gestalt is not only a way of doing psychotherapy, it is a way of life. It’s so deep, the whole idea of here and now is just so deep. I just knew I had to do something with this, I loved it so much.

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Relational gestalt thinking has many applications and the Gestalt Centre is the home of gestalt practice in Melbourne.

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Victorian Association of Gestalt Practitioners (VAGP)

The VAGP provides practitioners with opportunities for connection, learning and reflection, and is committed to promoting gestalt therapy in the wider community.

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