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Tony Jackson / MD Gestalt Centre, Melbourne 

Saturday 19th September 2020 

Online delivery 9.30 to 4pm  (6hrs)


Resilience is a highly sought capacity, particularly in these times. Our experience of resilience is often limited by individualistic ideas of it as internal (psychological). It is often understood as the capacity to endure hardship and seen as a quality you have or don’t have. From a relational gestalt perspective, resilience is better understood as contextual and interpersonal. Resilience is emergent, creative and flexible. It supports flow.


In this experiential workshop, we will be exploring resilience through the lenses of embodied awareness, compassionate responding and courageous interrelating. These capacities are at the heart of the theory and practice of gestalt therapy. Over the day, we will explore these as supports for resilience. The goal is to resource therapists, and their clients, face towards challenge and change.


For more Information and to enroll please contact the office P: 03 9489 6300
E: admin@gestaltcentre.com.au


The Resilient Therapist Relational Gestalt Therapy As A Support For Building Relational Capacities For Therapist And Clients

The Gestalt Project Seminars & ConnectGround Professional Extension Workshops are a great way to meet up with  the gestalt community & be inspired.....




Relational Gestalt Training is a rich and rewarding way to deepen your therapeutic presence and build on the relational capacities so needed in today's world.


Starting from a holistic, non-pathologizing & deeply compassionate philosophy, our central program value is to respond to the fundamental human need for belonging and to understand (accept) our part in universal suffering. We try to challenge individualism and hold a radical world view that resists the medicalizing of human experience.


Gestalt Taster & Course Information Session

To book, for more information or to talk to our staff please contact us at 9489 6300 or

PACFA has recently indicate new pathways to registration and membership. GTA graduates will likely be eligible to join the PACFA register via these new pathways. This is on the basis of our having offered a PACFA accredited course for many years. We are awaiting further announcements and will confirm this when we can.


Thursday, October 1st

6.00pm - 8.00pm / Taster ($25)

8.15pm - 9.00pm / Course Information


Black Lives Matter / An Indigenous Australian Perspective


With Professor Judy Atkinson (We Al-li)

Saturday 7th November 2020
Online Delivery: 9am to 1pm - 4hrs
$145.00 or $120.00 for enrolled students and interns


We are very pleased that Judy Atkinson, founder of We Al-li and author of Trauma Trails: Recreating Song Lines will conduct a 4-hour seminar for our GTA community to help us grapple with the recent reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Although largely centred in the USA, BLM speaks directly to the Australian situation and the ongoing mistreatment of indigenous peoples – including the systemic racism of our police and criminal justice systems (Aboriginal Deaths in Custody). Judy will also address the failures of the community service system and the inability to respond to critical needs as a result. This will be an invaluable support to any of us working in the community and mental health sector and want to work in culturally aware and sensitive ways.

We have worked with We Al-li for 4 years, and Antonia Burke has made a number of visits to our GTA community. Antonia has been unable to visit this year due to Covid-19. To keep momentum, and to support our community’s response to these vital issues we are offering this web-based seminar. Judy will create and deliver new content for this seminar.

For more Information and to enroll please contact the office P: 03 9489 6300E: admin@gestaltcentre.com.au

The Gestalt Centre is located within Lygon Therapy, 622 Lygon Street, Carlton North.
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What is

Relational Gestalt


Present centred and focused on awareness

Grounded in the therapist/ client relationship
About viewing the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for the development of awareness

About choice and flexibility 
This will be offered in 2021
Relational Skills Presents
Yoga Informed Psychotherapy

In May 2020 we will deliver a brand new training program in  Yoga Informed Psychotherapy. 


The course will explore the ways that somatic practices like yoga can support therapists to more fully embody their experience, as a way to enhance their therapeutic presence and phenomenological work.  And how this, in turn, will support clients' awareness processes. 


Facilitators: Anna Evans & Tony Jackson

Relational Skills Presents
Supervision a Relational Change Process


Offered as a partnership between Relational Change (UK) and the Gestalt Centre, this course has PACFA accreditation and is a Post Graduate Certificate awarded by Relational Change.  After completing some additional practice hours and a written task it can then be converted to a Post Graduate Diploma.  


Facilitators: Sally Denham-Vaughan, Lynda Osborne, Leanne O'Shea & Tony Jackson

This will be offered in 2021
Gestalt Therapy Australia Presents

Psychotherapy After Relational Trauma / Cultivating Clinical Hospitality when Struggles for Power Become Central as Repeated Early Themes

There are times in every practitioner’s life when we find ourselves working with people whose creative adaptations to profoundly inhospitable early environments mean that they are habitually dominant, dismissing and even contemptuous of those around them. Whilst the painful experiences that lead to these characteristic ways of relating are often encountered in clinical practice, people whose suffering is expressed in this way create particular challenges for the relationally oriented therapist.


Facilitator: Jackie Amos

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