In 2018 we launched the Personal Abilities Feedback (PAF).  The PAF is a recommitment by the Gestalt Therapy Australia faculty to conversations about the personal abilities and attributes that we believe are essential to being a gestalt psychotherapist. The PAF will support a dialogic assessment process about individual students’ personal abilities that will sit alongside existing assessments for the theory and practice of gestalt therapy.

The PAF consists of 7 personal abilities; Self Recognising; Embodying; Responding;  Interrelating; Experimenting; Contextualising and Presence.  They are presented in a way that will support personal reflection; feedback between students; a structure for conversation between students and faculty; and a guide to conversations about readiness to practice, course progression or any other conduct related concern that may arise.  You can read the PAF here.


Our Cultural Sensitivity and Intersectionality Policy is new policy that came from our grappling with an organisational response to the structures in society that entrench and enshrine many forms of prejudice, abuse and structural inequality, and how these structures can be replicated in our own organisation.  It is also part of our growing awareness that all therapists need a greater level of cultural sensitivity. We understand that our training needs to reflect this, and we are currently engaged in a process that will result in changes to curriculum that will eventuate in a greater degree of cultural fitness in our graduates.  You can read our Cultural Sensitivity and Intersectionality Policy here.


A therapist is afforded great trust by their clients through virtue of their professionalstanding and by the nature of the work itself. A GTA student is afforded a similar position of trust within the learning environment with their peers, and especially when they come to practice as a student intern. Therefore, a student must always be accountable to the position of power that comes with a presumption of integrity.  Further, at GTA we believe that integrity is not simply a private matter but that it is tested relationally.  Good intentions are not enough; we must also consider the experience and perception of others. You can read our Personal Integrity and Professional Standards Policy here.


Applicants come to GTA from many professional backgrounds; many are already working in the field with relevant qualifications and memberships of professional organisations. Others will not yet be fully eligible for professional membership.  We recommend that you research your options and make enquires of the relevant bodies. The GTA faculty are available to talk to you about this, please contact the office.  

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What does it mean to say that GTA teaches Relational Gestalt Therapy?  GTA co-founder Dr Gabe Philips has written a very useful article: Ideas and Skills for Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice Gestalt Relational Integrative Principles (GRIPTM) for exploring and understanding the experiential worlds of people: An integrative approach to psychotherapy and life here