Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA) offers a comprehensive training program that explores and deepens the relational capacities of psychotherapists within the framework of gestalt theory and practice.  


If you are interested in exploring becoming a gestalt psychotherapist please call us to arrange a meeting or to discuss further.


Our 4-year course is a Specialist Training Program (as accredited by PACFA) and is designed to support mental health and other allied professionals already working in the field to become gestalt psychotherapists.  We also train people from related fields to explore psychotherapy and perhaps to make a career transition.


Trainees are invited into an experiential process that will expand their self-awareness and support therapeutic presence.   Our relational gestalt training provides significant opportunities for professional and personal development.


Our training follows a developmental trajectory over 4 years. Graduates learn to work relationally with clients deepening their self-awareness, interpersonal skills and contextual sensitivity.


Relational gestalt practice provides a counterpoint to individualistic and pathologising methodologies, instead it priveledges the central role of the therapeutic relationship in transformation and healing. 



Foundation Studies in Relational Gestalt Counselling

(years 1 & 2).  Introduces students to relational gestalt counselling through the exploration of gestalt theory and practice.


The Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy (Years 3 & 4).  Expands on the relational gestalt psychotherapy of the previous two years (Foundation Studies in Relational Gestalt Counselling is a pre-requisite for entry).   At the commencement of this program, students can apply for an internship at our ConnectGround Clinic.


ConnectGround Clinic Student Internship (Years 3 & 4)

From the beginning of Year 3 GTA students are invited to apply for an internship in our low cost, long term counselling clinic as a way of both developing their skills and knowledge while providing a much needed service to the community.


To learn more about: The Application Process; Key Selection Criteria; Student Responsibilities & Position Description; Process For Selection Interviews and Course Fees please download the student information pack. 


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