Gestalt Therapy Australia offers a relational gestalt training program over four years. 


Foundation Studies in Relational Gestalt Counselling (Years 1 & 2) introduces students to relational gestalt counselling through the exploration of gestalt theory and practice (total 300 hours)


The Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy (Years 3 & 4) Expands on the relational gestalt psychotherapy of the previous two years (Foundation Studies in Relational Gestalt Counselling is a pre requisite for entry).   At this point students can apply for an internship at our ConnectGround clinic (additional 300 hours / total 600).



Our counselling and psychotherapy training program values community and open-ended exploration into immediate experience and existing knowledge.


We offer  a dynamic and collaborative process that develops personal capacities such as awareness, curiosity and presence.


The holistic focus of Gestalt Therapy Australia courses ensures that personal and professional development are valued as interrelated and inseparable dimensions of the curriculum.

To read more about our program follow the link to our course description page

To learn more about: The Application Process; Key Selection Criteria; Student Responsibilities & Position Description; Process For Selection Interviews and Course Fees please download the student information pack


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