How to work with experiments in gestalt practice

Elie, Gestalt Centre Training Campus
November 15, 2024 9:30 AM
A theoretical framework for working experimentally, with demonstrations and practice

Date |Friday 15 November 2024

Duration | 9.30am–4.30 pm

Location | Elie, Gestalt Centre Training Campus, 27 Royal Parade Parkville,

Fees | $285 includes GST.

Facilitator | Leanne O’Shea

What is an experiment?

An experiment is a technique or therapeutic intervention that aims to support the client in exploring new behaviours or ways of being. Examples include role-playing, empty chair technique, body awareness exercises, and techniques drawn from creative arts.

How can we use experiments to support awareness?

Experiments can lead to increased awareness and new insights as clients stretch beyond familiar and known patterns. By engaging in these activities, clients can experience different perspectives and develop new ways of relating to themselves and others.

What can I expect from this workshop?

  • Understanding when and how to use experimentation: Explore the importance of experiments in gestalt practice and the variety of forms they can take.
  • Framework for conducting experiments: Learn how to set up, conduct, and debrief experiments with clients.
  • Examples of experiments:

Role-playing: clients act out different scenarios to gain insights into their behaviours and emotions.

Empty chair technique: clients converse with an imagined person in an empty chair to explore feelings and thoughts.

Body awareness exercises: clients focus on their physical sensations to enhance self-awareness.

Creative arts: using art, music, or movement to express and explore emotions.

  • Demonstration work: observe live demonstrations to see experimental techniques in action.
  • Hands-on practice: engage in practical exercises with other participants to apply key concepts in pairs and small group activities.

Why should you attend?

This workshop is interactive and designed to enhance your practical skills in gestalt therapy, making you more effective in your professional practice.

Who should attend?

This program is ideal for therapists, counsellors, mental health professionals, and students in these fields. It's also beneficial for anyone who incorporates counselling in their work and wishes to develop relational gestalt skills.

Secure your spot and enhance your therapeutic skills through this comprehensive workshop on experimental processes in gestalt therapy!

About the presenter

Leanne O'Shea

DPsych, BTheol., MSc, FellowMGANZ

Leanne O'Shea is a psychotherapist, supervisor and educator. She studied the Gestalt approach in Melbourne and London.

In addition to her private practice work, she holds a number of teaching positions, including the Director of Training at Gestalt Therapy Australia. She is also an Associate with Relational Change in the UK.

She is interested in creating greater awareness of and sensitivity to our relational responsibility and is particularly passionate about the place of sexuality and the erotic within the therapeutic relationship.