A GTA student is willing to participate in an inquiry based learning process that is holistic and developmental. Effective learning at GTA involves responding to the experiences offered in the education and training program with leadership, agency, openness and commitment. A central feature of being a student at GTA involves participating in an experiential learning group, and the wider GTA learning community, and being responsive to unfolding events – especially as they manifest in the learning process in the training group. This interrelating involves making and sustaining relationships with fellow students and faculty through sharing personal experiences and repairing ruptures in relationships should they occur.


Engaging ever more fully in this relational activity requires developing deeper personal awareness and insight through self-reflection and inquiry. In the experiential learning process students are encouraged to be curious and to investigate how they affect others and the environment through the way they relate and the choices they make. As whole people, integrated and alive in the present, students are challenged to take opportunities to move beyond established patterns and into new territory and novel experiences of themselves and others.