The Gestalt Project

The very successful program of professional practice seminars continues in 2021.


These evenings are an opportunity for gestalt practitioners, students and interested colleagues to meet and explore elements of our practice.


Gestalt Centre / 622 Lygon Street North Carlton 3054

Seminar / 6.00pm to 8.00pm 

All Seminars $30


A Non-Binary Field Perspective: Gender Processes, Awareness, Transition & Integration

with Eden Brown 


Thursday, 20th May 2021


Exploring Gender as an experience that is not a static but a fluid and ongoing process, that also include binary experiences. 


This seminar will provide counsellors and practitioners with an opportunity to explore gender awareness, transition and integration with a particular focus on Transgender and Gender Diverse experiences. My interest in holding the seminar is to explore and bring into awareness the unintended impacts or sexist microaggressions that Transgender and Gender Diverse folx experience and by applying a Non-Binary Field Perspective as a sensibility to reduce harm. 


Getting Curious about Uncertainty & Conviction

with Rhys Price Robertson


Thursday, 29th July 2021


One of gestalt therapy’s great strengths has been its emphasis on uncertainty and “not knowing”.


In the right context, uncertainty offers resistance to oppressive power. Yet in our post-truth age, uncertainty no longer looks as subversive as it once did. Indeed, many of the most pressing concerns we face—ecological crises, systemic injustice, global pandemic, political polarisation—seem to be calling on us to “speak truth to power” and act from a sense of conviction. I think it’s a good time to get curious about uncertainty and conviction in gestalt therapy, which is exactly what we’ll do in this seminar.


Setting up a Gestalt Private Practice

with Tom Trikojus & Rhys Price Robertson


Wednesday, 18th August 2021


This seminar will explore how to set up and maintain a sustainable and vibrant private practice. We will also explore the challenges and supports required for working with complex and high need clients.


This is a very popular seminar and great support for those wanting to develop a new practice or grow an existing one.


Wilderness Therapy and Ecopscyhotherapy

with Jane Leyshon & Cam Gilbey 


Thursday, 28th October 2021


Jane and Cam are interested in bringing in the work of US Gestaltist John Swanson, who wrote the book 'Communing with Nature' (also a Gestalt Journal article on ecopsychology).


This experiential 'Wilderness Therapy' session is for participants to have a felt sense of what it is and its potential as a therapeutic tool. I am interested in facilitating a group, which is specifically aimed at deepening one's experience of the living earth while being surrounded by the living earth.