About Gestalt Therapy Australia





Gestalt Therapy Australia is a centre of excellence in relational gestalt therapy training based in Melbourne. GTA has delivered a nationally and internationally highly regarded psychotherapy-training program for over 20 years.


The philosophical underpinnings of the psychotherapy training and personal development courses offered at GTA draw on the interrelated areas of knowledge and practice associated with gestalt theory, relational principles, and  ‘the common factors approach’ to evidence based practice and in the contemporary mental health field.


Relational gestalt therapy is a synthesis of these perspectives on human experience and professional practice.


All of our courses are designed to deepen therapeutic understanding and skills, and enhance life and relationships and are all based on these relational gestalt principles.




The worldview that underpins the relational gestalt approach at GTA holds that all human experience occurs in a relational context: that is that we are mutually influencing all other people in that relational field.  Within this field, each person makes sense of their experience based on their unique perspective. We therefore hold that all meaning is personal (subjective), context dependant and clarified through interaction.


Relational gestalt therapy seeks to explore the experiential world of people, and understands therapy as collaboration that attends to awareness through the process of inquiring into emergent experience. In this way health is indicated by flexibility and responsiveness across a spectrum of human experience including the psychological and the spiritual.



At Gestalt Therapy Australia learning and growth occur through an open-ended exploration into immediate experience and study of contemporary theory.  What emerges from this dynamic and collaborative process becomes the basis for further inquiry. Using this method of learning, students develop personal capacities such as awareness, curiosity and presence while practicing the inquiry skills necessary for relational gestalt practice. The holistic focus of GTA courses ensures that personal and professional development are valued as interrelated and inseparable dimensions of the curriculum.